Cold Laser Therapy

Laser therapy is a means to direct a highly concentrated coherent light at a concise wavelength (our class 2A cold laser uses a 635 nm wavelength) to the muscles, tissues, organs, connective tissues, blood elements, and the living matrix of the body. Coherent light is able to be locationally specific. It is also, in fact, the exact mechanism that cells use to communicate and direct healing, growth, and survival. To dial into this cellular communication is to facilitate healing. Our cold laser is frequency specific: allowing the laser to ‘speak’ to specific tissues and organs.

Cellular healing occurs as Reactive Oxygen Species are reduced, repairing the mitochondrial DNA and messenger RNA (used to support and direct cellular maintenance and metabolism). Increases in microcirculation leads to heightened immune function, enhanced wound healing, and diminished pain. Organ healing occurs as rehabilitation of cells and connective tissues repairs proper metabolism and function. As cells heal, then organs heal, the symptoms of pain/disease regress or resolve. Because the (coherent) laser light is composed of tiny photons, smaller than electrons, penetration is achieved easily and safely. However, because our laser is truly a COLD laser, no tissues are heated and thus this is an inherently safe and effective modality.

Conditions that typically respond well to laser therapy are: arthritis, neuropathies, immune conditions, post-surgical, acute injury, pain, infection, and allergies.

Combined with Veterinary Neuronal Adjustment (VNA, a form of chiropractic adjustment), Cruciate Ligament injuries can be successfully treated as a non-surgical option when surgery is either not recommended, or is unable to be performed. When surgery is recommended and performed, cold laser combined with VNA will speed healing of the tissues of the knee, decrease pain, and greatly diminish the risk of the next side tearing- which is 60-75% within one year- to less than 5%.

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