Veterinary Neuronal Adjustment (VNA)

VNA is a form of veterinary chiropractic treatment in practice since 1983. Healing involves rehabilitating the memory of wellness over the aberrant memory of vertebral subluxation, using adjustments. During an initial healing cycle, adjustments are scheduled at a predicable interval based on when pets are most likely to fall out of adjustment. Specific intervals of maintenance adjusting is then recommended to optimize health. VNA treatments serve to locate and treat vertebral subluxations caused by injury to your pet’s spine. Injury can be caused by postural or environmental stressors, degenerative changes, and congenital factors. Metabolic byproducts of subluxation, or chemical mediators, then hold the disease condition in place and result in joint inflammation, muscle spasm, and misalignment. VNA uses a ‘spinal accelerometer’ or ‘activator’ to deliver a very fast, concise spinal thrust to the spinal segments. Its thrust occurs within 2-4 milliseconds, using a very small mass to deliver a large force that cannot torse. twist, or harm the tissue. Thus VNA is a very safe healing modality, and works by remobilizing the vertebral segments, causing muscle relaxation, vasodilation, and diminishing pain. During a VNA treatment, rebalancing of the nervous system will positively affect every organ system in your pet’s body. Treatments take about 15-20 minutes (allow 30 minutes for an initial treatment), are well accepted by pets, and symptoms are often released (gone or significantly reduced) within 2-3 adjustments. The average number of adjustments in an initial healing cycle is 5-6 (often less for cats).

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