Dec 06 2012

Fatty Acid Deficiency

Biochemically, a fatty acid is what we colloquially refer to as fat. When we talk about different types of fatty acids we are talking about different types of fat. A fatty acid consists of a long carbon chain (say 20 or so carbons in length) with a biochemical acid group at one end.

Unsaturated fats can be classified as omega 3 fatty acids or omega 6 fatty acids,

Both are essential nutrients. Omega 3s are used in the structure of the retina and central nervous system. Omega 6s make up the very surface of the skin. As long as skin parasites have been ruled out, it is pretty safe to say that a itchy, flakey animal has a Omega 6 deficiency.

We recommend:

1) Eicosaderm – highly palpable supplement that is added right on your pets food.

2) Dermoscent – a small ampule of liquid applied to your pets skin once every week.

3) Diet Change – Veterinary diets are enriched with an optimal ratio of Omega 3 : Omega 6. However, our climate in Calgary is so dry that other supplements may still be required.

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