Dec 06 2012

Parasites in Calgary

A small group of local veterinarians have recently completed a study in which they set out to discover the prevalence of parasites in our pets.

The study was done over one year and involved almost 1000 cats and dogs – the largest ever done in Calgary.

They acquired their samples from a variety of clinics across the city and from the Calgary Humane Society. The only conditions were that the animals were living in the city and had not been de-wormed in the past six months.

The study is due to be published in 2011.

Roundworms (dogs)

< 1yr: 4.2%
1-2yr: 1.1%
> 2yr: 0.4%

< 1yr: 19%
1-2yr: 16%
> 2yr: 3.5%


all: 1.1%

all: 9.2%

< 1yr: 5.3%
1-2yr: 0%
> 2yr: 0%

< 1yr: 10.3%
1-2yr: 12.5%
> 2yr: 7.2%

Toxocara is a zoonotic parasite (can be spread to humans). It can present itself in three different forms; one of which is responsible for causing blindness in an estimated 100 childern every year in the U.S.A.


< 1yr: 17.5%
1-2yr: 9.8%
> 2yr: 4.2%

< 1yr: 10.6%
1-2yr: 0
> 2yr: 1.8%

There is a higher prevalence of giardia here than in most other studies done in the U.S.A. Despite some speculation, there are zoonotic forms of giardia.

Additional Information

• 20-30% of playground dirt has roundworm eggs in it
• an estimated 80%+ of coyotes carry toxocara; a study by the Faculty of Veterinary Medicine at the University of Calgary is being conducted to learn the prevalence of parasites in coyotes that surround the city of Calgary.

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